Mega Mount
This helicopter mounted camera system is capable of carrying camera packages up to 80 lbs.(36.4 Kg). This weight bearing ability allows use of one thousand foot magazines on 16 or 35mm film cameras, or some lighter large format cameras may be mounted. Tilt and roll are remotely controlled from within the helicopter cockpit; same with the focus and iris. Zooming is not recommended. The system is not vibration isolated so focal lengths are limited to the wide end. However, with some helicopters the rotor balance is good enough to allow some zooming at the wide end. For example, at 35mm format, zooming up to 50mm is possible. The mounting location is so far forward on the helicopter that the rotors are never in the normal field of view, even under hard forward acceleration.

The camera can be rolled 360 degrees (no other aerial mount can do that), as long as there is no interference between the camera package and the helicopter (some camera packages may have accessories or other structure attached to them which would physically interfere with the complete rotation of the camera). This allows the horizon to be leveled when the helicopter is banking, and some spectacular rotations if the tilt and roll are performed in syncronization.

The tilt range is also 360 degrees, however this may be decreased to less than 270 degrees, depending on the camera package dimension. Views from way above the horizon (you can tilt above horizon to include lots of sky) to completely rearward are possible, even during the shot. To prevent the image from being upside down when tilting down for a rear-looking view, the operator simply rolls the horizon synchronously to keep the image erect. Or, if one shot calls for a forward looking POV, and the next one is a rearward POV, the operator simply tilts all the way rearward and then rolls the horizon to erect the image again. No need to land the helicopter for a remount of the camera in order to face backwards!

Zoom, focus and iris are accurately controlled with Preston FIZ.

Comes with wheel actuated console, viewfinding monitor, batteries, cables and brackets. All you need to provide is the camera package.

This mount is STC'd only for the Bell 206 A, B or L helicopters (the 206A is not recommended for high altitude work).

tilt 270 ; roll 360